The Anubis was Setrákus Ra's best warship. It was destroyed in the book United As One.

History Edit

Pre-I Am Number Four Edit

The Anubis was present at the battle for Lorien, and was one of the Mogadorian Warships that spent years travelling towards Earth.

The Revenge Of Seven Edit

The Anubis first appears in The Revenge of Seven, as the Mogadorian Warship Ella was imprisoned on. Throughout the book, it traveled closer and closer to Earth. Once it was within the atmosphere, Number Five and Ella attempted to escape, but Five was thrown off the ship. The Anubis eventually reached it's destination over New York.

The Fate of Ten Edit

The Anubis continued to be over New York City, and used it's cannon to destroy an entire city block. It later moved to Kalakmul, where it destroyed the Sanctuary.

United As One Edit

The Anubis was destroyed by Number Six over West Virginia, after she caused an explosion in the main cannon, which caused a system failure. The Mogadorians were greatly demoralized at the loss of their flagship.

Appearance Edit

The Anubis has been described as sleek, black, and scarablike. The interior had metal hallways, as well as dining halls, hangars, and possibly a location to prepare food.

Capabilities Edit

The Anubis was able to destroy entire city blocks with it's main cannon, as well as vaporize the sanctuary in Kalakmul. However, the cannon was also prone to overheating, and several teams of engineers to work to cool the generators at all times.