General Andrakkus Sutekh, known on Earth as Andrew Sutton due to assimilation protocols, was a Trueborn Mogadorian. He was the father of Kelly Sutekh and Adamus Sutekh, and the foster parent of Ivanick Shu-Ra. The General was one of the highest ranking Mogadorians, and reported directly to Setrákus Ra. In The Revenge of Seven, Andrakkus was killed by his son, Adamus.

Appearance Edit

The General was a large man, almost seven feet tall, muscular, with a regal posture that demanded respect. His face was all sharp angles, and had his black hair grown out to hide the tattoos on his scalp, keeping it slicked back to look like a human politician. When he died, it was revealed that his large size was mostly due to the augmentations given to him by the Beloved Leader.

Personality Edit

The General was a serious man. He highly respected the the Great Book and punched Adam in the face when he went against it. Like most Mogadorians, he found bloody combat enjoyable and liked to kill. He was disappointed in Adamus for showing compassion and discretion. When Adam killed him, it is unknown whether he was reaching out to hug or strangle him.

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