Bandit is a Chimæra from the second Loric ship and was rescued by Adam in Plum Island. He was named Bandit due to his scrawny raccoon form. He fought to overtake Ashwood Estates by taking the form of a Rhinoceros and killing many Mogadorians, and was told by John Smith to protect Nigel Barnaby at the end of United As One. He was captured by Caleb and UN scientists, angering Nigel and making the two temporary enemies.

Transformation Edit

Bandit raccoon form
Bandit robin form
Bandit black-rhino form

Trivia Edit

  • In The Revenge of Seven, this Chimæra is referred to as a "half-ton African rhino," when both species of Rhinoceroses in Africa (Black and White rhinos) far exceed this weight. It is possible Bandit was either malnourished or is a youngster, however.