Caleb Crane is one of the Human Garde.

Biography Edit

Caleb has two older brothers whom apparently, when they were younger, used to beat him up. He was made fun of in elementary school for having big ears and being compared to an elephant. This stuck with him and made him into a very socially awkward teenager.

United As One Edit

Caleb was first seen with his twin, Christian. They were often seen on either side of Lawson. Four and Six often thought about how Christian always seemed "stone faced", as if he wasn't fully there. When Four was Captured by the Mogadorians, Caleb was revealed to have been practicing his duplication powers the whole time, as Christian was actually a clone pretending to be his twin. Later on, Four gave Christian the Chimera Regal, who took the form of an eagle.


  • Duplication- Caleb can create copies of himself. He was assumed to have a twin called Christian, who was actually a duplicate of himself. Christian seemed to be unable to express emotions, and did not speak. Caleb has been shown to be able to maintain up to two clones at a time.
  • Telekinesis- Like all Garde, Caleb can move objects with his mind.

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