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The Legacies are special powers that are unique to the Loric Garde (With one exception). The Cêpan do not have them, but they have the knowladge to teach their protected Garde. As a Garde ages, they will slowly discover their legacies in times of emotional crisis. Telekinesis is usually the third legacy a Garde discovers, as they are born with Enhancement and will discover another first. According to Henri, the legacies are a gift from Lorien.

The legacies that have appeared in the series so far include:

Enhancement: All Garde possess enhanced physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and durability. Three used it to jump over the ravine in the book, Eight flipped over military vehicles, and more.

Telekinesis: Most Garde develop this soon after their first legacy. It is the power of mental force. With it they can move anything using only their mind. Heavier objects seem to be harder to lift. It is also more difficult to move multiple objects at once.

Lumen: The power to resist fire and heat. When this legacy is first shown, the burning sensation it causes is almost unbearable. The lights are triggered by sharp emotions. In the case of John Smith (Number Four), his hands lit up, becoming like flashlights. This legacy also allows the owner to control fire, though to what extent is not known. It appears to be limited.

Animal Telepathy: The ability to communicate telepathically with animals.

Human Telepathy: The ability to communicate telepathically with sentient beings.

Precognition: Ability to see the future (often in dreams or "visions").

Invisibility: Allows the owner to become invisible. They can share this ability with people that they are in contact with.

Elemental Maniputation: Grants control of the four basic elements: Fire, earth, air, and water. The extent of control is unknown, however the Garde that hold this legacy appear to be able to burn things and create thunderstorms, as well as sonic booms.

Underwater Breathing: Allows the owner to breathe underwater. It is unknown if this legacy can be shared with nearby people.

Night Vision: The ability to see in low light levels and possibly complete darkness.

Healing: The ability to heal living organisms. Healing causes fatigue.

Antigravity: Allows the owner to walk on all surfaces, including walls and ceilings. This ability can be shared with people that the owner is contact with.

Transference: Ability to transfer the owner's legacies to loric and humans (And possibly Mogadorians) for a limited time.

Super Speed: The ability to travel faster than the eye can perceive.

Shapeshifting: The ability to change into literally any form. As seen by Eight, the limit of what one can turn into seems to only be limited by imagination.

Teleportation: The ability to teleport instantly to a nearby location. Teleporting farther distances gets increasingly harder and less accurate. There are Loric Crystals scattered across the Earth (And likely Lorien too) that allow for long range teleportation.

Seismic Waves: This legacy allows the user to create mini-earthquakes. These earthquakes can be massive and destructive, or small and unnoticeable. Attempting to create very precise and controlled earthquakes requires much more focus than creating larger, more destructive ones, and according to Adamus, focussing to hard resulted in migraines. This is the only legacy possessed by any Non-Loric. The Mogadorian Adamus has this legacy, as it was passed onto him by One's memories.

Hydrolocomotion: The ability to walk on water.

Extrasensory Perception: The ability to gather information not gained through physical senses, this is known as a seventh sense (Sixth sense is direction, it's how birds fly north/south).

Flight: The ability to fly. None of the current Garde have this legacy yet, but it was seen multiple times in Four's visions of Lorien.

Lasers: Not much is known of this legacy, Four saw it in his visions of Lorien. He described it as Garde shooting lasers from their hands.

Note: "Aeternus" is not a legacy, despite the fact that it is often classified as one. Some people are born as an aeternus, just as some people are born as albinos.

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