This page contains all important characters who appear in The Revenge of Seven. The Revenge of Seven is the fifth book in the Lorien Legacies series. It is told from the perspectives of Ella, Number Four, and Number Six. In Six`s perspective, her, Number Nine, and Number Seven, find Eight`s body. Then they meet up with Number Four, Sam Goode, Malcolm Goode, and Adamus Sutekh. Then Six, Seven, and Adam go to bring Eight`s body to the Sanctuary. In Ella`s narration, she is trapped in a Mogadorian ship in space, trying to escape and be useful to the other Garde. Setrákus Ra puts a charm on her and teaches her about her Legacy, Dreynen. In Four`s perspective, he, Sam, Malcolm, and Adam are trying to meet up with the other Garde and weaken the Mogadorians. They attack Ashwood Estates, then meet up with Six, Seven, and Nine. They also meet Agent Walker. Four, Sam, Walker, and Nine go to Washgton D.C. It ends with Ella dragged back onto the ship and Sa developing Telekinesis defending himself from a piken.

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