The Rise of Nine is the third book in the Lorien Legacies series by Pittacus Lore. This category contains characters and things pertaining to The Rise of Nine.

In The Rise of Nine, Six, Marina, Ella, and Crayton are trying to find more members of the Garde. They go to India and find Number Eight. Marina develops a crush on him. They find a prophecy about Eight`s death. Crayton is killed. Ella, Eight, Six, and Marina try to teleport to New Mexico. Only Six gets there. The others eventually teleport there also. By the time they get there, Six had been captured by the U.S. government, along with Sam and Sarah. Ella contacts Six with Telepathy. Four and Nine also go to New Mexico because of a dream they had. The Garde battle Setrákus Ra and Eight is stabbed. Marina heals him, then kisses him. Setrákus Ra flees.

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