"Is this, like, my official role with you people? Monster stoner and saver-of-asses?" -Daniela Morales, United as One
Daniela Morales, or Dani, is a fifteen year old girl from Harlem. She is one of the many humans with Legacies, AKA LANEs.

Appearance Edit

Dani is described by Number Four to be a little shorter than him. He also noticed her lean body-shape of a sprinter and her hair pulled back in tight rows of braids.

Personality Edit

Daniela puts on a 'tough girl' act. She doesn't seem to care for anyone else beside herself (and her mother), but when it counts, she can be dependable and will help anyone in need. Her attitude is just a mask to cover up her real emotions, she tries to make everybody else uncomfortable when she is. She also seems to see John Smith as a heroic figure in the midst of the Mogadorian invasion, probably like most of the world.

Legacies Edit

  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, and Human Garde, Dani can move objects with her mind.
  • Petras - The ability to shoot a silver, petrifying beam from the user's eyes. Once the beam meets matter, the contact causes it to turn into solid stone. Dani develops this Legacy in The Fate of Ten when fighting the Hunter. Four also helped her defeat the beast by absorbing the Legacy with his Ximic and using it also.

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