"'She don't do the healing,' said Evella. 'God do. Edwige, she just know how to ask the right way for his help.'" -Evella, Out of the Ashes
Edwige Pothier is a Human Garde from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been a spiritual healer long before developing Legacies, possibly inheriting the Legacy of Recupero based on the gift she already had.

Appearance & Character Edit

Edwige was described as "short, slight, with long, brown hair that fell almost to her waist. Her wide eyes were the same blue as Evella's one good one."

She was first perceived as very religious and a practicer of hoodoo, a folk spirituality based on West African traditions and beliefs. However, she was secretly afraid of what people would want done with her Legacies. Edwige wanted to run away and join other runaway Garde groups, but never got the chance.

Biography Edit

Ever since she was a child, Edwige was a strong believer in God, practicing the healing arts of hoodoo. Throughout her youth, she had the gift to conjure health into people. After developing her Legacies, her healing became easier and far more noticeable. Fearing what her grandmother Evella would think, Edwige managed to contact other Human Garde online, hoping that she could join them.

Out of the Ashes Edit

Number Six and Sam Goode found her in New Orleans with her grandmother. After Six demonstrated her Legacies, Edwige healed the Loric's hand. Sam warned Edwige that people would come looking for her. Later, a group of runaway Garde attempted to get her away from New Orleans, but failed when a "recruiter" of the fighter faction kidnapped Edwige and another Garde named Ghost. Her whereabouts and condition are currently unknown.