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Number Ten also known as Ella is tenth in line of the Ten Garde children who escaped from Lorien during the Mogadorian conquerisation. She is twelve years old and got to Earth on the little, second ship that Four and Six did not think even made it to Earth. She was only hours old. She came with a man named Crayton, who is her unofficial Cêpan, seeing as she was too young to be assigned a real cêpan.

Number Ten is the Tenth Lorien Elder, Loridas.

Ella is not an appointed Garde. Her father only assumed that she will be the long lost Tenth Garde.

Ella was said to be Setrakus Ra's heir when he has invaded Earth in Ella's nightmare.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She is described as a small eleven year old girl with auburn hair and brown eyes. Because of her Aeternus she can shrink down in ages, but not up past the age she is currently at. When she first met Marina, she appeared as a smaller and younger version of herself, though with the same reflexes and Legacies that come with being a member of the Garde.


She first appeared in The Power of Six at Number Seven (Marina)'s orphanage, she was a shy girl who connected with Marina quickly. Marina also found that she is a very talented artist. Despite her age, Ella comes across as very brave and willing to do all she can to help even without most of her legacies (they have yet to develop).


Enhancement - All Garde posses enhanced physical strentgh, speed, reflexes, endurance and hearing.

Aeternus - The ability to change between ages (but only ages that she had already lived through). Only one of the Ten Elders is supposed to have this ability- making Ella Loridas' successor.

Telepathy - The ability to communicate with other Garde with Telepathy using her mind, even across continents. She can also sense other people's thoughts including mogadorians. She used this to communicate with Number Six when Six was in the desert in The Rise of Nine.

Telekinesis - The ability to move things with your mind. All Garde possess this power.

Charm - The ability to put spells on objects and people. Ella uses this to drag John into her dream and to hurt Setrakus Ra in the Rise of Nine.


Ella was not given a Chest, most likely because she was only hours old when they left Lorien and there was no time for her to be given one.

I am Number FourEdit

Ella's existence is not known by the other Garde and their Cepans, but she was seen as a baby by Number Four (John Smith) in one of his visions of Lorien's conquerisation and the escape of the Garde.

The Power of SixEdit

In the Power of Six, Ella arrives at the same orphanage as Marina in the form of a seven year old girl. Crayton, her Cepan, created a rumour about her story: that both of her parents were killed in a car accident. Marina and Ella quickly connect, even though Marina has no knowledge of Ella being from Lorien, though Ella knew everything about Marina's secret identity. Marina tells Ella to search for her hidden Chest that Adelina, Marina's Cepan had hidden somewhere in the orphanage and she successfully finds it.

The Rise of NineEdit

At the beginning of this book, Ella is with Six, Marina, and Crayton on their way to India to find Number Eight. She battles one of Eight's avatars and wins. After Number Eight reveals himself to the other Loric, he shows them a cave, where there are drawings of the story of the Garde and shows a member of the Garde being stabbed. Ella realises that the person is Number Eight. While in the cave, the Mogs arrive and a battle starts. Crayton runs to get Marina's Chest but dies after he is hit. They find a letter from him to Ella. Ella develops Telepathy a few days later and uses it to find Six in New Mexico. She also uses it to contact John and Nine. During a fight with Setrakus Ra, Ella develops a new Legacy and charms a dart and hits Ra with it, disabling his powers.

The Fall of FiveEdit

In the John Hancock Centre, Ella receives nightmares every night from Setrakus Ra. John tries to help her but is unsuccessful. Ella finally reads the letter from Crayton and learns that she was not chosen by the Elders and that her father was the reason that she managed to escape Lorien. Ella develops Telekinesis and uses it to slam a door to keep Sarah away from her. Ella reveals to Marina that she has a crush on Nine and plans on marrying him when she's older. One night Ella can't wake up from a nightmare and when John went near her her hand glowed red and dragged him into her dream. John finds Ella sitting next to Setrakus Ra and she gives the order to kill Six and Sam. In the real world, the conscious Garde all go to retrieve Number Five's Chest. While they are gone the Mogs arrive and the apartment in Chicago and take Ella.

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