Emma was a human who was friends with Number Five when he was posing as "Cody" in Miami, Florida. She was a street-smart girl who was good friends with Five until discovering he had Legacies, fearing he was possessed. While her fate is never revealed, she was presumably killed by the Mogadorians under orders of Commander Deltoch.

Appearance & Character Edit

Emma looked a few years older than Five, "with deeply tanned skin and shiny black hair" and was known for wearing "a lot of dark makeup." She was rather street-smart and used her "brother's name" to get what she wanted. Despite coming from a family, Emma was usually on her own. However she cared greatly when her brother was almost killed by Five's telekinetic outburst.

Biography Edit

Five's Legacy Edit

Emma met Cody when he first arrived in Miami. She showed him the ropes of how to survive in the streets, and opened up to him after knowing the boy for only a few days. They became partners in crime. One day the pair attempted to scam a man named Ethan, but were hired by him instead, running errands for him because Ethan saw potential in Cody. He had Cody run an errand which was secretly a way to spy on a rival group. They attacked Cody, who used telekinesis to fight them off, severely injuring all of them. Emma saw what happened, and since on of them was her brother Marcus, she attacked Cody with a metal pipe before running away from him in horror. Her family moved to Tampa a few months later.

Five's Betrayal Edit

Some time after the events of Five's Legacy, Emma was captured in the night by the Mogadorians. She was almost killed by Cody before being stopped by Ethan. Emma was told to have her brother utilized for the Mogadorian cause, but her fate was unknown after she was transported away. It is likely that she was killed by the Mogs when taken away from Cody.