Ethan was a human. He was introduced in Five's Legacy when he caught Number Five and Emma trying to pickpocket him and offered them to work for him. Emma told Five that Ethan was kind of a big deal criminal. Ethan employed Five and Emma to do small tasks for him. Eventually he set up an occasion that resulted in Five using his telekinesis in front of humans. Emma was freaked out. Ethan helped Five and acted like Five`s dream Cêpan. And then Five found out that he was working for the Mogadorians. Five ran, but eventually came back because his Externa developed. Ethan revealed that he was a Greeter and talked Five into joining the Mogadorian side. Ethan gave Five a ball-bearing to experiment with his Externa on. Five reveals that he told Ethan pretty much everything he can remember. Ethan stands up for Five and mentors him. During an attack, when a prisoner, Number Nine, and another Garde, Number Four, are escaping, Five chooses to help injured Ethan and the Garde escape. Ethan is transported back to his home in a Mogadorian helicopter, with one arm amputated. Setrákus Ra instructs Five to kill him, because the original subject, Nine, had escaped. Five goes to Ethan's house again. Ethan guesses at what is happening, especially when he notices that the leather knife-sleeve was not in Five's Chest. He puts a letter in Five`s Chest before Five unhappily kills him. Five reads it in the Everglades. It says that he knew what was going to happen, and tells Five not to trust the Mogs, and to survive at all costs.