Alligator snapping turtle

Gamera is a Chimæra from the second Loric ship. He was named by Malcolm Goode after a movie monster of the same name, due to his snapping turtle facade. He fought to overtake Ashwood Estates, accompanied Malcolm to Liberty Base in Last Defense, and was told by John Smith to protect Ran Takeda at the end of United As One. He escapes being captured by scientists after Nigel Barnaby warns Ran about them and she urges Gamera to flee into the water an find her again when the time is right, he has not been seen or heard from since.

Transformations Edit

  • Alligator snapping turtle
  • Pigeon
  • Black panther
  • Dragonfly
  • Black cat
  • Horse
  • Hawk
Pigeon Gamera
Gamera Black Panther
Dragonfly Gamera
Horse Gamera
Hawk Gamera