"And I'm certain, someday, you'll make it back home."

-Henri's letter, The Power of Six.

Brandon (on Lorien), or Henri Smith (most recent Earth name), is the Cêpan of John Smith (Number Four).

He is one of the main characters in the first book, I am Number Four.

Henri would have been trained as a mentor Cêpan at the Lorien Defense Academy. He was assigned to John on Lorien, and would have brought him onto the Loric Ship. He trained and raised John while they lived on Earth. His name on Lorien was Brandon. He is like a father figure to John. He had a wife back on Lorien. He was the head of the Cêpan Training Academy.

He died at the end of I am Number Four, being killed by the Mogadorians.


Henri is described as having dark gray/brown hair and a slightly muscular build. He is around fifty five years old. He is also described as looking very tired and exhausted in almost all situations.


Henri is described as being kind and fatherly. When worried or anxious he tends to get angry, and exuberent when things are going good. He is calm, responsible, and loyal to John as well as a loving father figure. He is constantly making sure that John and him are safe and undiscovered, taking every precaution to guarantee being hidden from the Mogadorians, including moving around frequently. He wanted to return to Lorien.

Biography Edit

I Am Number Four Edit

Henri starts out I Am Number Four packing up things in John's and his house in Florida due to John's recent scar appearing. They leave in the night and drive to Paradise, Ohio, then got a house. When John`s Lumen appeared, Henri got John out of the building and used the Loric Crystal to spread Lumen. He trained Four vigorously and was constantly trying to get Four`s Telekinesis to develop. Henri got tied up when he went to investigate the source of an article about the Mogadorians in the magazine They Walk Among Us. Four rescued him. Henri then wanted to leave Paradise, but John refused. When Henri saw a video of John leaping out of a burning house saving Sarah Hart, he drove to the school, finding John and Number Six. Henri heals Number Six with the Loric Crystal and kills Mogadorians (thanks to a gun) from the home economics classroom, which they are barricaded in. Henri puts Four`s Chest in an oven. They then leave the school and find themselves in a trap. They go back inside. Henri gives Four Loric Salt, and it is used up. They learn that they are surrounded and believe that they are both about to die. They proudly walk out of the forest. Four telekinetically stops a dagger from hitting Henri. Four talks to a beast the Mogadorians have and gets it to attack its masters. Henri is shot. John discovers Henri's real name that he ignored.

The Power of Six Edit

Though Henri is dead in this book, John still thinks about him all the time and severely wishes he was still alive. When John's at a loss for things to do in a situation, he tries to think about what Henri would tell him to do. John later reads the letter that Henri left for him before he died, which tells John of his parents, his role in the Garde, about Sam's father, and most importantly to keep fighting and never lose hope.

The Rise of Nine Edit

In The Rise of Nine, Henri is mentioned a lot when Nine and John compare Cêpan, as well as when John misses him. John dreams about Henri, and Henri tells him to use the tablet, which leads to the discovery that the tablet locates the Garde and Loric ships.

Trivia Edit

  • He had a strong Loric accent that many people, including Sam's mother Patricia, mistook for French.
  • He was called Henri ever since he landed on Earth, partly because of his accent.
  • His wife's name was Julianne.
  • Four`s grandfather once played a prank on Henri by turning the house invisible so Henri went past it.

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