"I don't blame him for being cautious. Hell, I'd be in a jail cell, or worse, if I hadn't helped track you down in New York. They don't fully trust me, probably never will." - Karen Walker, United as One
Special Agent Karen Walker is a female FBI agent who was tasked in capturing the Garde. However, after what happen to her partner, Agent Purdy, she joins the Garde in exposing Setrákus Ra and the Mogadorians.

Appearance Edit

Agent Walker's most famous notable feature is her red hair. Though Number Four notices her developing streaks of silver in The Revenge of Seven. Four could also tell she went under extreme FBI training by the shape of her body.

Personality Edit

Walker can be known as a woman in charge. She doesn't let much else of her actual personality be shown. She's mostly strictly business.

Book Biographies Edit

The Rise of Nine Edit

Walker and Agent Purdy tracked down Four and Nine and ambushed them in an abandoned house in West Virginia. They're locked in clear, glass cages in the back of an FBI van. They escape and wreck the van, it being flipped in air several times. The agents are heavily injured, not stopping Four from trying to get information from Agent Walker, who falls unconscious. He goes out to help Nine and returns to the van to find Walker missing.

The Revenge of Seven Edit

Walker and other FBI agents arrive at Ashwood Estates, waiting for a chance to strike before seeing Number Four take it over. Trying to make contact with the Garde, she attempts to convince them that they mean to ally with them. But the Garde are suspicious. She reveals to them that the Mogs came to Earth 10 years ago and, in exchange for advanced technology, medical enhancements, etc., the Mogs were allowed to use their resources to track down the Garde. Also, she reveals that about 15% of the USA's military, CIA, FBI, etc. are MogPro, along with some foreign officials and the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President (the US president is kept in the dark).

She and a couple of her men travel to New York with John, Sam and Nine to intercept the Secretary of Defense, Senator Sanderson, only to find him betrayed by the Mogadorians as his enhancements turn on him. After John heals the Senator, Walker takes the group to where Setrákus Ra makes his presentation to Earth. When Ra's true form is revealed, her and her group try to shoot him down, but Four stops them with intentions of saving Ella from the charm. She's later lost in the New York crowd while John and Sam attempt to rescues civilians.

The Fate of TenEdit

Walker is at a military camp in New York and is searching for Number Four (John Smith). When she finds him she informs John that the president will not openly support the Garde if John does not figure out how to take down the Mogadorian warships. Later a group of soldiers come with one having the number five carved into his chest. Agent Walker takes a team of FBI agents with her and anger Five by pointing their guns at him. When Five reverts to his regular form and is healed John asks Walker to put him in a prison where he can't touch anything hard, to which she agrees.

Agent Walker then shows John a footage of some thing falling out of a Mogadorian ship, which is revealed to be a giant Mogadorian creation. Walker and her agents shoot at it, to no avail. She is confused when the Garde are pulled into a vision; for what seemed to be only a second. Daniela Morales then defeats the Mogadorian monster with her new Legacy, turning it into stone. Agent Walker speaks to the President, whose daughter had experienced the Loric vision. Sarah Hart then calls John, who tells Walker to put the President on hold.

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