Kelly Sutekh, also known as Kelly Sutton, is a female Trueborn Mogadorian. She is the daughter of Andrakkus and Susannah Sutekh, and the sister of Adamus Sutekh. Kelly had an adoptive brother named Ivanick Shu-Ra.

Kelly was born just as the Mogadorians began to fear eventual extinction. This led to the creation of Vatborn Mogadorians.

While seen in The Fallen Legacies and in The Search for Sam, she is an overall minor character and is not focused on throughout much of the main plot. It is unknown whether or not she survived Adam's earthquake at Ashwood Estates.

Appearance Edit

Kelly is currently 15 years old. Not much is known about her appearance, as it was never described in the series. Since she was a Trueborn, Kelly most likely had the characteristic black hair, pale skin, and black eyes (Adam and Andrakkus were said to have black eyes instead of the presumed common magenta iris). As a female Mog, she was thinner with a slender build. As a true born mogadorian she likely has the complex tattoos seen on other mogs.

Personality Edit

When Kelly was younger, she seemed to be jovial, although was unfazed by the concept of death. The day that Adam had woken up, he described his sadness for how callously Kelly had killed an augmented worm. Adam and Kelly were not very close after he had woken up. As a teenager she enjoyed working with Piken in the nursery underneath Ashwood Estates. She hated Adam for being a traitor.

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