Dr. Linda Matheson is the resident mental health expert at the Human Garde Academy.

Appearance & Character Edit

Dr. Linda is short, standing at barely five feet tall, with gray-brown hair and glasses. She has degrees from Stanford in psychiatry and developmental psychology. She is very caring toward the students at the Academy and gets to know their personal lives and pasts, and is able to pick up on subconscious hints that the children give.

Biography Edit

Generation One Edit

In the additional chapter, Linda is in a meeting in Professor Nine's office. After she and the other humans (save Malcolm Goode) leave, Lexa alerts Nine and Goode that there may possibly be a mole.

Dr. Linda is first seen talking to Nigel Barnaby about his unsatisfactory life at the boarding school he went to before he developed Legacies. She has apparently prescribed him, Caleb Crane, Ran Takeda, and possibly Daniela Morales anti-depressant medication after their traumatic brushes with death in the Patience Creek Massacre.

She is later talking to Caleb about his fear of having split personalities. Linda assures him that the duplicates do not have "minds" of their own, as they are only manifested as a copy made entirely of human flesh. She believes he has a possible multiple personality disorder due to his Legacies.

Trivia Edit

  • Nigel jokingly flirts with Dr. Linda in his sessions when he is bored.
  • Most, if not all Human Garde are ordered to have appointments with her due to the stressful lives they may have or will live in the future.
  • It is possible that Dr. Linda is the mole for the Foundation, as she is one of few that has access to their personal information; at the raid in Iceland, Einar uses his Sensior to weaken and unnerve the Human Garde by stirring up horrible memories (he tortures Ran by crushing her under his telekinesis and mentioning her accidental murder of her own family, and he tries to force Nigel to commit suicide because of how harsh his life has been.)