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"'You know, Earth has nothing on Lorien. Sure, Earth looks pretty nice in some places, but Lorien was beautiful everywhere. It was the most beautiful planet in all the galaxies." -Number Nine, The Rise of Nine
Lorien was one of the smallest of the eighteen life-sustaining planets in the universe. It was the fourth planet from its sun. The sun is apparently twice the size of Earth's, implying that it is a red giant. This would make sense, considering Lorien's solar system's age compared to ours. As of 2011, there are only thirteen survivors alive: six Garde, one Cêpan, and six Chimærae.

History Edit

25,000 years ago, Lorien was suffering the same problems that Earth is experiencing now—overpopulation, global warming, food shortages, and unnecessary war. The inhabitants of Lorien realized they needed to change their ways, and therefore the Elders came to power. They took away their guns and their bombs, and awakened the Phoenix Stones.

This was the event that called the Chimærae out of hiding and pressed the evolution of the Garde, creating Legacies. For the next couple dozen millennia, the Loric lived in something known as the Great Loric Age, or the Golden Age of Lorien. This brought forth an annual celebration known as the Quartermoon. It was a two-week period in which both moons hang on opposite sides of the horizon.

While the Loric had interactions with humanity, they also interacted with another, more hostile species known as the Mogadorians. On a recon mission to the planet, the barbaric Mogadorians attacked violently. Due to fear of the Mogadorians, Elder Setrákus Ra began to mine Loralite, the planet's greatest gemstone, to create his Augmentations. He was later "executed," but was secretly banished by Elder Pittacus Lore.

In 1999, on the first night of the Quartermoon, the Mogadorians invaded and attacked, led by Setrákus Ra. While the Garde fought valiantly, they were defeated. Within a week, the Mogadorians strip-mined Lorien for everything it was worth. The planet is now a monochromatic gray and black, the surface scorched from the fires that burned away the atmosphere. No wind blows on the surface anymore, and there is no water or oxygen. However, the Loralite beneath the planet is still "alive," in a way.

Features Edit

Lorien is ten times smaller than Earth. It orbits on its side, as the sun rises in the south and sets in the north. It is presumed that there is another star closer to the sun, as Sandor says multiple times the suns are rising, hinting at least two suns. This second sun may be a nearby star that is farther away from the main one.

The planet is covered with forests and jungles that stretch on for miles, making up most of Lorien's surface, and massive mountain ranges. While there is a decent variation in the ecosystem with different biomes—forests, grasslands, and possibly taiga—it seems as if barren regions, such as tundras and deserts, are scarce to nonexistent on Lorien, as Lexa needed to ask what a desert was in The Navigator.

There is also a massive global ocean known as the Terrax Ocean. It is believed that at the bottom of this ocean is a glass fortress, where the Elders hold council. In the Mountains of Feldsmore, they are believed to have an underground bunker. However it is possible the meeting place of the Elders and Garde is a mental dreamscape. This has not been confirmed.

Culture Edit

The Loric are a peaceful species. There is no war, and little to no crime. The civilization only has a few cities, including the Capital and the smaller, seaside city Deloon. Most Loric live in provinces in the wilderness, known as Kabarak Colonies. The Outer Territories are an expanse of untamed wilderness that make up over half the planet.

Cêpans, the Loric who control the government, do not have any Legacies. Around their early teenage years, the Cêpans take an aptitude test to decide their future profession. When they grow older, in their late teens to young adulthood, they enroll in academies to progress in their future occupation until they are elligible to work. The Cêpans are bureaucrats, and teach the Garde how to hone their Legacies for society when the Garde turn eleven years of age.

Garde grow up to be athletes, performers, and warriors. At age eleven, they begin to develop their Legacies, and are taught by their Mentor Cêpans, commonly known as Keepers, to control the abilities until they grow older. In between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five, after the Garde marry and have children, they go off to master their abilities.

The younger Garde are raised by their grandparents. It is currently unknown if the Legacies developed depend on a genetic trait that skips a generation or if they are impacted by the other Garde they spend time with, but it appears that Garde develop similar Legacies as their grandparents. This is shown when John developed the Legacy of Lumen, same as his grandfather, and when Number Nine exhibits signs of the Legacy of Precognition like his grandfather as well.

The Lorien Defense Force is an elite military peacekeeping force meant to protect the planet from impending attack. The Lorien Defense Council, a bureaucratic party that runs the planet, prepares them all for the dangers which may or may not come. After they became so advanced to a certain extent, the Loric seemed to have stopped progressing in science and technology, as hinted by Rexicus Saturnus.

Trivia Edit

  • According to John, Lorien is a hundred times older than Earth, putting it about 450 billion years old. It is unknown whether John is exaggerating the age of Lorien, or if he is being precise, and is implying that the universe is far older than we think it is.
  • Because of how small Lorien is, you can see the curve of the horizon from a high altitude.
  • Many Loric have human names, due to their interaction with Earth.
  • Lorien's technology has influenced Earthen industry with inventions such as cars, iPhones, and the Internet.
  • There are only a few cities on Lorien. Two of them are known as Deloon and the Capital City.

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