Maddy was a human girl in Chicago. She was new to the Windy City Wall, and met Number Nine. However, she was revealed to be a traitor, and was devoured by a piken, along with her parents. She was Nine's only possible love interest.

Appearance & Character Edit

Maddy was around sixteen or seventeen years old, with straight black hair and eyes to match. Nine described Maddy as "athletic looking, not like the flimsy girls I've seen jogging around the lakefront."

Maddy was very observant, philosophical, and seemed to be slightly awkward. She appeared to share her father's passion for astronomy.

Background Edit

At some point before she met Nine, Maddy's father, an astronomer, "saw something he shouldn't have." Somehow, the Mogadorians intercepted this and captured Maddy's parents, and presumably Maddy as well. Possibly under Mogadorian orders, she was forced to trade Number Nine for her parents' release.

She went to Chicago to find him, and they became friends. He was known as Stanley Worthington. Maddy invited him on a date to the planetarium, where she and Stanley talked about their lives.

When Stanley invites her on another date, the Mogadorians attack, resulting in a violent car chase. In all of the panic, Stanley accidentally kisses her. She leaves angrily, but forgives him later. Maddy allows Stanley to stay in her apartment after he runs away from his "uncle," Sandor.

Maddy allows the Mogadorians to apprehend him, but Stanley fights back, developing his new Legacy of Miras in the process. As they prepare to escape, Maddy tasers Stanley, resulting in both of them falling unconscious. The two of them are taken by the Mogs to the Hawks Nest Base in West Virginia. Maddy is reunited with her parents while there, but they are all devoured by a piken.

Trivia Edit

  • Maddy's father "saw something he shouldn't have" through his telescope. It is unknown whether he saw a Mogadorian ship, or Setrákus Ra's entire fleet.
  • It is unknown why the Mogadorians allowed Maddy to find Nine for them, as they could have easily killed her whole family to keep the secret.
  • Maddy had multiple fake IDs, presumably forged by the Mogs.
  • Maddy was apparently very physically fit, and she could have possibly been given training from Mogadorians before going out to search for Nine.