Nigel Barnaby is a teenage boy from England. He is one of the Human Garde who teleported to the Niagara Falls Loralite Stone, and one of the Patience Creek survivors. He is also a student at the HGA.

Appearance Edit

He is described to be pockmarked, grubby, and lanky. His hair is a bleached-blond Mohawk with stubble. Six describes his outfit as a "long-retired punk rocker" outfit.

Personality Edit

He acts very confident of himself. Six even goes so far as to describe him as "the essence of confidence" in his YouTube video. He sees himself as the perfect soldier. But as soon as he experiences the death of his fellow LANEs, he is greatly disturbed. Like all Patience Creek survivors, Nigel was prescribed anti-anxiety medication. In spite of all this, however, Nigel swears that changing the world is what he wanted to do, even with the possibility of losing people he cares about.

Legacies Edit

  • Telekinesis - Like all Garde, and LANEs, Nigel can move objects with his mind.
  • Sonic Manipulation - Nigel can control, emit, and cancel out frequencies of sound, presumably either with his mind or voice.

Book Biographies Edit

The Fate of Ten Edit

He first appears in the vision hosted by Ella, with the help of Legacy, that brought together the minds of all Garde and LANEs. Nigel was really gung-ho about joining the intergalactic war between the two extraterrestrial species. He asks how to get to America to join the battle with the Garde, having Ella reveal the short-lived secret of the Loralite stones decorated around Earth that wield the power to instantly transport anyone from stone to another. He's given instructions to travel from the one in Stonehenge to Niagara Falls.

United as One Edit

He narrates a video of him and his three other LANE companions at Niagara Falls, telling how they had all met, and asking "John Smith and super-friends" to pick them up. Mogadorians had tried to capture him and his group, but they brought three Mog Skimmers down before being picked up by Lexa, Sam Goode, Number Six, and Ella. He tries to smoke a cigarette on the way back. Six notices how anxious and scared and generally unprepared the kids are.

When Phiri Dun-Ra takes John Smith back to the base, Nigel tries to fight her. He fails and is shocked by the deaths of Bertrand and Fleur. Ran helps him away. He is shown to be shaken up along with Ran, and Daniela Morales is ordered to protect them.

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