Number Four
I am Number Four
Basic Information
Alias(es) Daniel Jones, John Smith, Jobie Frey, James Hughes, Donald, John Kent
Gender Male
Race Loric Garde
Age 17
Status Alive
Relatives Liren (Father), Lara (Mother), Unnamed Grandparents
Cêpan Henri
Location America

"'I'm not Pittacus Lore,' I say through gritted teeth. 'I am Number Four. I'm the one who kills you.'" -John Smith, United as One

Number Four, more commonly known as John Smith, is the titular character of I Am Number Four, and the main protagonist in The Lorien Legacies series. Four is fourth in line of the Nine Garde Children who escaped from Lorien during the Mogadorian invasion. He is portrayed by Alex Pettyfer in the film adaptation and by Brett Temple in the book trailers.

Appearance & CharacterEdit

He is described to be tan, "with his square jaw, shaggy dark blond hair, and blue eyes," for most of the series. Like all of the Nine, he has four scars around his right ankle from the four deceased Garde. He looks slightly different in The Lorien Legacies Reborn series. Taylor Cook is the first to see John in Generation One, "His sandy-blond hair had grown out from the picture they always used on the news and a patchy beard covered his cheeks." The most notable feature he has is the from the Patience Creek Massacre; John bears a scar that rings his entire neck from the bladed Voron noose, a scar that he will have for the rest of his life, as the injury could not be healed by Legacies.

John was described by his Cêpan, Henri, to be a little reckless and quick to jump to conclusions. It is implied that he has a good heart as he is always risking his life to save the ones he loves (as when he saved Henri from Athens and Sarah from a house fire). However John can be foolish at times and is told by Number Six that he can be selfish, her example being when he left her to fight Mogadorians on her own so he could see Sarah in The Power of Six, and when he refuses to join her going to Spain so he can retrieve his Loric ChestIn Nine's Legacy, John is bewildered when Number Nine shows enjoyment in killing Mogadorians after being held in captivity for over a year and Nine comments that John seems a little judgmental.


  • Enhancement: All Loric possess enhanced physical strength, speed, senses, reflexes, and endurance.
  • Anima: The ability to communicate with animals using only one's mind. While this is the third Legacy he discovers, it is the first he develops, unknowingly feeling the pull of this power before fleeing the Florida Keys when he is feeding a small herd of deer.
  • Lumen: This Legacy enables a Garde to produce light and fire. This ability can also give a Garde invulnerability to heat and flames.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects with one's mind. This is the first Legacy every Garde develops when they come of age. Some pick it up quite easily, while others take time to hone their skills with it.
  • Ximic: The rarest and most powerful of Legacies. With it, one can duplicate the Legacy of another Garde simply from having previously seen someone using the ability.
    • Recupero: A Legacy that allows a Garde to heal the injuries and ailments of others. When fully developed, one could even use it on himself. John mimicked this Legacy from Marina.
    • Novis: A Legacy that allows him Garde to shift their body—as well as anything or anyone they're touching—out of the visible light spectrum. John mimicked this Legacy from Six.
    • Petras: This Legacy enables Garde to turn anything or anyone into stone that they focus their gaze upon. It must be used with great caution. John mimicked this Legacy from Daniela.
    • Avex: The ability to fly through the air. John mimicked this Legacy from Five.
    • Dreynen: With this incredibly rare ability, John can temporarily cancel out the Legacies of other Garde. John mimicked this Legacy from Ella.
    • Telepathy: The ability to communicate with others using only one's mind. John mimicked this Legacy from Ella.
    • Glacen: The ability to freeze water molecules to create ice seemingly out of nowhere. John mimicked this Legacy from Marina.


Four john smith by kardiology-d9t80gh

John has one of nine special Loric Chests given to the Nine Garde Children before the Egress to Earth. Each Chest contains the Inheritances of the Loric Elders, and occasionally endowments from the parents of the Garde.

As of yet, John only has knowledge of how less than half the relics work. There were over seventeen pieces of Inheritance in his Chest, but several of them were destroyed.

Contents Edit

  • Loric Crystal - The Loric Crystal is described as "a rock that is probably six inches long, two inches thick, perfectly smooth and oblong, clear on the outside but cloudy in the center." When it comes in contact with John, the smoky substance inside will roil and warm. The smoke seems to be connected to Loralite, as the pendants will heat up as well. When the stone is spread across John's body, he manages to gain more control and restraint on his Legacy of Lumen.
  • Macrocosm - This is part of the Macrocosm/Red Crystal Communication system between Garde. They work like a walkie talkie: the Red Crystal allowing you to talk to another Garde member with an operating Macrocosm and the Macrocosm allowing you to hear what they are saying. It is intended for Garde to pair up, one with a Macrocosm and one with a Red Crystal. The Macrocosm shows Lorien's solar system and when another Garde member opens their chest it shows you their location on the globe of Earth. The only other Garde known to have the Macrocosm in their chest is Number One. This actually causes an error in the story line as Henri told John this item was not part of his inheritance and that he had slipped it in the last time they opened the chest for safekeeping.
  • Diamond Blade Dagger - A four inch blade that wraps itself around the user's wrist and is sharper than any blade on Earth and can also break a Mogadorian sword.
  • Xitharis - Made from one of Lorien's six moons, it is a pale, waxy rock that can transfer Legacies from one Garde to another for about an hour.
  • Red Bracelet - A bracelet made with red crystals strung onto it that senses danger and can expand into a six foot  shield that is bulletproof among other things.
  • Blue Cube - A small blue cube that when put in your mouth will provide icy cold water to the user.
  • Healing Stone - A small, black stone that heals almost any injury created with the intention to hurt or kill. However, it must be used promptly after infliction and causes double the original pain while healing. Works on both Loric and humans.
  • Loric Salt - Small pebbles that when placed under the tongue provide the user with a short burst of energy, strength and relief from pain. However the pebbles dissolve quickly and using Legacies rapidly diminish the Loric Salt's effects.

Book Biographies Edit

4 and 6

This book is from Number Four's (John Smith) perspective. It follows him as he gets his third Loric scar, signifying Number Three's death and the upheaval of his life because of it. He and his Cepan Henri move from where they were living in Florida so as to evade the Mogadorians just in case they are coming closer to their location. They move to Paradise, Ohio. Later, when John goes to school in his new town, he meets several people; Sarah Hart, who he quickly falls in love with, Sam Goode, an alien obsessed boy who becomes his best friend, Mark James, the school's bully and quarterback who seems to have it out for John and Bernie Kosar (BK), a stray beagle dog who Henri and John take in as their pet.

During John's first day at school he develops his first Legacy, called Lumen. There is a severe pain in his hands and they start to glow. Henri explains Lumen allows you to control lights in your hands that can be like a flood light or a narrow flashlight beam. Lumen also allows you to be fireproof. Henri spreads the Lumen throughout John's body with a Loric crystal from John's inheritance Chest.

Sarah asks John to go to the Halloween Festival with her and he, Sam, Sarah and Sarah's friend Emily go on the 'Haunted Hay Ride'. Mark and his gang of football players try to beat him up but he uses his abilities to stop them. Afterwards, Sarah becomes his girlfriend when she kisses him and thanks him for saving her.

When John receives a copy of an alien conspiracy magazine from Sam that mentions the Mogadorians, Henri says that he must find the source and ask them how they knew this information. Against John's wishes, Henri leaves for Athens, Ohio, where the writers of the paper live. John starts to get nervous when Henri doesn't come back and during Thanksgiving dinner at Sarah's the fear and anxiety bring John's second Legacy, Telekinesis. He leaves and when Henri is still not home, John takes desperate measures and calls Sam, who is still unaware of John's true identity.

They drive to the address Henri left behind, and John breaks in while Sam trails one of the writers who just left the house. John is confronted by the men living there but manages to pry the information out of them as to what they have done with Henri. It turns out that they had tied Henri up in the basement because the Mogadorians had already visited them after the release of their article and had threatened them. They thought Henri was another person who was trying to cause them trouble.

They are about to escape when one of the writers pushes Sam down the stairs and John has no choice but to stop Sam falling with his Telekinesis. They must finally tell Sam who they are and just before the three of them leave John finds a note that the writers made when they had got a phone call from an unknown man. The note had said: 'Planet Lorien? The Loric? 1-3 dead, 4? 7 trailed in Spain, 9 on the run in SA. (What is he talking about? What do these numbers have to do with invading Earth?)'. After getting the information they need, the Mogadorians arrive and Sam, Henri and John successfully escape before the Mogadorians notice they are there.

Henri tells John they need to move away from Paradise, but John argues over it with him and refuses to leave Sarah and Sam. Finally they agree that they will stay as long as John spends all of his time training.

Later, Mark invites John, Sarah and Sam to his party. A fire is accidentally started and Sarah is trapped in the house. John, despite Henri's warnings to appear a normal human, uses his Lumen to save her. Police arrive and question John but he denies the fact that he was in the house while it was burning. He tells Sarah who he really is and she accepts it.

John doesn't tell Henri about rescuing Sarah, knowing if Henri knew they would have to leave. Later in school, John is called to the principal's office and finds someone has posted a video of him jumping out of the burning house with Sarah in his arms. He also gets a fax that says 'Are you Number Four?'. This drives John over the edge and he jumps through the window of the school and runs away, knowing that the Mogadorians know where he is and that Henri will want to leave.

Henri calls him out on it and John again leaps through a window and runs away to the school, where he is determined to get Sarah, thinking she would be in danger if the Mogadorians see her in the video. He gets to school and finds her, but at the same time the Mogadorians arrive. Sarah and John try to escape the school but the Mogadorians have trapped them inside. At the last minute before they try again to escape, a girl who claims she is Number Six arrives to help them.

Henri, Mark, Sam and Bernie Kosar also arrive to help them escape. Henri forgives John and they prepare to fight their way out. After a small battle at the school which demolishes it, the Mogadorian soldiers arrive with their beasts. During the battle, John learns that BK is actually a Loric Chimeara (an animal from Lorien that has the ability to shapeshift) and he also develops his second Legacy: Animal Telepathy.

In the course of the battle, Henri dies, stating that he's proud of John and that their coming to Ohio wasn't a mistake and that everything he needs is in the Chest. John feels hopeless and can't move anymore. Another beast arrives to finish him off but John uses his Animal Telepathy to tell the beast to turn on the Mogadorians. The beast obeys, killing them all.

John wakes up in a hotel thirty miles from paradise with a very injured Six, Sam, Sarah, Mark and BK. They treat John and Six's wounds and John knows they must leave and start searching for the other Garde and allows Sam to come with him and Six. Sarah and John say goodbye and they head off to find the remaining Garde.

Half of this book is told through John's perspective, which starts out with him, Sam, Six and BK on the run hiding from not only Mogadorians but also the FBI, which after the battle at the school claim that John and Henri are terrorists. They are trying to lie low to avoid being found by either the Government or the Mogadorians when they pulled over by the police for having a stolen licsense plate on Malcolm Goode's truck. They run away from the scene, but are tracked down by cops with dogs and helicopters. They manage to out run the cops, crash the choppers and elude the dogs. They eventually drive down to Florida, where they find an abandoned house to live in.

Six, John and Sam practice training and John finally decides to open his Chest and examine its contents. He first reads Henri's letter, which tells him that Sam's dad was indeed a Loric ally and was most likely abducted, if not killed, among other things. John shares this with Six and Sam. Sam remembers his dad had a Loric hideout in the backyard in a well, and they declare they must go back to Paradise to check out the well, despite the risks. While they look at the Chest's contents, John is frustrated that nothing new seems to be working except a glowing red crystal that when touched makes the Garde feel extremely sick and unnatural. Six points out she recognizes a rock called Xitharis (see Chest). Otherwise, nothing else is new.

Later that night, Six and John go on a walk while Sam is sleeping back at the house. They run into a man about to shoot his girl friend and scare him away. When they get back, John and Six are about to kiss when the house blows up. John finds Sam being attacked by Mogadorians but they all manage to get away with John's chest still in their possession. They start driving back to Paradise. While they do, they find the solar system is a macrocosm and all the globes spin into one large replica of earth. There is one pulsating light in Spain, indicating another Garde with an open chest. They here someone on the other end screaming 'Adelina!' but then the connection is cut.

Once they arrive in Ohio at Sam's house, Six and John go into the well and find a large skeleton with a Loric pendent which Six puts on. John is able to grab a white tablet from the room before the Mogadorians arrive. While the four of them fight the Mogadorians John accidentally loses his chest to them and Six and BK split from Sam and John to find it. Instead of continuing to find his chest, John meets Sarah and is talking with her when Sarah questions his love for her and wonders if he loves Six instead. The FBI arrive and capture John and Sam, taking them into custody in Washington DC.

Six breaks them out of the jail when the Mogadorians arrive. She's angry they left her while she was fighting, but they make up and John suggests they head for the Mogadorian base in West Virginia to retrieve his Chest. However Six argues they need to get to Spain to find the Garde who they heard as it sounds as though she is in trouble. They decide to split up, Six going to Spain and the others sneaking into the base to rescue John's Chest. Six charges the Xithiris with her Invisiblity Legacy so they can sneak in. Six gives Sam the address where they will meet up in a week. When John gets to the cave, he puts on the Xithiris and Sam and John make their way unnoticed to the beast pit where the Chest is. They also see another Garde's Chest along with it. The Xitihiris times out, and they become visible. They have to fight their way through the beasts and Mogadorians.

The cells in the base become unlocked after they disable the power in the cave and John discovers that Number Nine was locked in there. They team up, and John gives Nine his Chest. Together they fight their way out but Sam is lost along the way. When they finally get free, Setrákus Ra the Mogadorian leader, arrives and disappears into the base. Nine suggests they go and kill him and they try, except he puts up a shield around the base that John runs into, making him extremely sick and unable to move or use his Legacies. They are forced to leave with BK, both their Chests and without Sam, who is still trapped in the base. They head north in John's SUV.

This book starts out with John still recovering from the effects of the Mogadorian's forcefield, the one he ran into at the end of the Power of Six, with Nine. John feels guilty for leaving Sam behind and tries to convince Nine to allow him to go back and get Sam, though Nine objects saying that John is too weak and its not worth risking their lives over.

While checking the contents of their chests, John shows Nine how he and Six found out that there is a Garde member in Spain. After doing so, he and Nine figure out that there is a way for them to communicate to the other Garde members. Using the Red Crystal from Nine's chest, and hoping that there are other Macrocosm online, they sent out a message telling the others to meet up in West Virginia and informing them of Setrákus Ra's arrival on Earth.

Because the two were preoccupied with their discovery, they did not notice that there were people approaching their hideout until BK told them so.

Following BK's advice, John and Nine let themselves get caught by the FBI so that they could gather information. They find out that the Goverment is working with the Mogadorians and that the Garde's Macrocosms have been tapped.

After escaping, the two decide to head west towards Chicago in hope of finding another way to communicate to the rest of the Garde and to hide. Nine brings John to his safe house which turns out to be the penthouse in the John Hannock building. They manage to get the tablet John found back in Paradise, Ohio to work. It turns out to be a Garde tracking device showing the locations of all the surviving Garde members and what they think are their ships that they will one day take back to Lorien.

After seeing the sudden movement of four of the Garde from one place to another, John tries to convince Nine to go to New Mexico where one of their fellow Garde member appeared to be right on top of one of the ships. However Nine has different ideas and insists he want's to go to Paradise, Ohio first to check if they can find anything else from Malcolm Goode's secret underground sellar that could help them. This leads to a fight between the pair over where to go and they make a deal that the winner gets to decide their destination. To John's dismay, Nine ends up winning and they plan to head for Paradise, Ohio.

After another confrontation and fight, this time about John thinking he is Pittacus Lore's succesor, in which Nine wins again, Nine later apologises to John for his behavior and tells him that he is glad that John is with him and John returns the sentiment.

Once John wakes from another dream of Setrakus Ra, where someone whispered 'New Mexico', he is once again determined to convince Nine. John finds out that he and Nine have been sharing the dreams of Setrakus Ra and the last dream has finally conviced Nine to agree to heading towards New Mexico.

While riding Nine's high tech car, the tablet which is plugged into the car shows that three other Garde have arrived in New Mexico. Not long after, he recieves a telepathic message from Number Ten (Ella) informing him that she, Number Seven (Marina) and Number Eight are there to rescue Six.

By lighting his Lumen and directing it towards the sky, John shows his and Nine's location so that the other three can find them. Unfortunately, this signal is also seen by the Government's military who are guarding the Dulce Base and working with the Mogadorians. The five Garde find each other and break into the base as they believe that it where Six is being held. 

They fight their way through the human military and then the Mogadorians. John, with the help of one of his dreams, figures out that he can use his Lumen to set his body on fire (as well as his mind), making him invulnerable, determined and confident.

On their way, they came across Sarah Hart in a cell and John is happy to be reunited with her. However their celebration is cut short because they still need to find Six.

Upon John's orders, he and the rest of the Garde enter the room which they believe Six is being held. The room turns out to be empty except for a group of strange rocks in the ceiling. Nine uses his anti-gravity Legacy to take a closer look at the rocks, just as a perfectly healthy Six appeares out of one of the doors. Glad of her appearance, none of them realize that it is actually Setrakus Ra in disguise. Eight runs up and hugs the fake Six and is stabbed in the back by her. Setrakus Ra then re-materialises in his true form infront of them all and sends blue lightning bolts around the room which stop all of their Legacies from working. 

Mogadorians surround them and they start a full scale fight in all the chaos. Ella seems to realise how Setrakus Ra is rendering them powerless through her Telepathy and throws a small red stone towards his arm. They all get their powers back and Marina is able to heal Eight before he dies. Nine fearlessly battles Setrakus Ra although it is mentioned that it looks as though Setrakus Ra is almost toying with Nine, waiting for the right moment to kill him. Mogadorians attack an unaware Ella and Sarah who are close to death when John discovers his new healing Legacy and manages to heal the pair at a rapid speed. Six manages to break out of the rock formation that holds her and comes down to meet the others. At this point Setrakus Ra and all the other Mogadorians have now suddenly disappeared. The book ends with them all vowing to stick together and fight their way out.

This book starts with John, Sarah, Six, Marina, Eight, Nine and Ella all at Nine and Sandors luxurious penthouse in Chicago. They relax for a while, and make plans to get  in touch with Number Five. Ella is suffering from bad nightmares and Marina and Six are taking turns to comfort her. They all start training more, using the Lecture Hall, which Sandor, Nine's Cepan, invented. The Lecture Hall is full of obstacles that the Garde might come across in a  battle.

The Garde find a message posted on the internet by Five to them:

Five seeking 5. Are you out there? Need to meet. Will be with the monsters in Arkansas. Find me.

The Garde figure that if they can see this then  the Mogs can see this so they start acting, fast. They work out that he wants to meet them at a tousist attraction called the Monster Mart in Arkansas. The plan was for Six, John and BK to go, so that Six can use her invisibility to sneak them out of there and BK could scout ahead. If they were captured Eight would teleport Nine into their cells and get them out. In the end Sarah comes aswell.

In Arkansas they meet Five and everything goes fine until a Mog ship comes. John uses his Lumen, Six creates storms while Sarah is covering for her. They win and are about to leave when a Mogadorian creature which looks like a centipide the size of a tanker truck, with it's worm like body covered in leathery skin. It's face is reminiscent of a pit bull, flat with a wet snout and a mouth with rows upon rows of jagged teeth, in the center of it's face is a single unblinking eye. They try fighting it and John is about to get eaten when a single shot from a gun comes from behind. The monster's eye explodes and it rears back and leaves.  Six and Sarah are the first to realise that the shot came from Sam's Dad, Malcolm, and Six tackles Sam with a hug.

Six, Sam, John, Sarah, Five and Malcolm all head back to the penthouse to be greeted by Nine. They have a celebratory dinner and they all tell their stories in an attempt to get Five to open up. John tells them his story, where he meets Sam and Sarah, and where Henri died. Six tells them about getting captured in the mog base, Marina tells them about Spain, Nine tells them about his capture and Eight tells them about how he managed to convince the Indians that he was Vishnu after his Cepan died. Five finally told his story about how his cepan died of a human desease when he was young and he just kept island hopping until he thougt it was time to reunite himself with the other garde.

It's then decided that they get Five's chest which is buried in Florida. The night before they are going to go, they find Ella in her bed in some sort of coma. They try to wake her up but when John held her hand she dragged him into the coma aswell. The next day everyone else decided that if they dont get five's chest now the mogs will get it, so Marina, Six, Eight, Nine and Five went to Florida leaving Sam, Malcolm and Sarah to look after John and Ella.

In the vision, John is walking down a street and there are humans hiding and cowering. He comes to a crowd of people and sees Setrakus Ra and an older Ella sitting on throne like chairs, he pushes his way through the crowd and sees that Ra is wearing all but two of the loric pendants. He saw a car pull up and mogadorian guards got out, followed by an older Six and Sam. An older Five, with an eye patch is standing with the guards as if he's one of them. Sam and Six are push up to Ra and Ella and Setrakus Ra makes a speech about how Six is the last of the Loric race and he asks Ella whats her call and she says kill them.

John wakes up to the pain of a new scar on his ankle and mogs invading the penthouse. He has to choose between saving Ella who has been taken by Mogs, or Malcolm whohas been badly hurt and is dying. John chooses to save Malcolm because he knows that the Mogs won`t hurt Ella.

Four, Sam, Adam, Malcolm, and Sarah fled to an abandoned factory. Four didn't completely trust Adam yet. They had bought some technology to stay in touch with the news. They plug in the tablet and see that the other Garde are in Florida and Ella`s dot was leaping everywhere. Four wants to go to Florida. Adam challenges that, saying that it would be predictable and unwise. Adam suggests going to Ashwood Estates instead, and attacking the trueborns. Four reluctantly agrees. Sarah finds a website called They Walk Among Us, with a post about Mogadorians by someone called JollyRoger182. Sarah guesses that it is Mark James. They find out that apparently an important U.S. government member is in league with the Mogadorians. Sarah wants to email Mark James. Adam makes her email difficult to trace. They find a bunch of emails from Mark, talking about a lead he has. Sarah goes to meet Mark, along with Bernie Kosar. Four, Sam, Malcolm, and the other Chimærae go to Ashwood Estates. Adam tells John that the general there is his father. Adam says that he has no reservations about killing his father. They attack, Adam using a gun, John his Lumen. Four attacks the General. An attack activates his bracelet and his shield expands, but it is shattered. One of the Chimærae attacks the General, as a falcon. Another one turns from a flying sparrow into a falling rhinoceros. All of the Chimærae attack. The General is about to kill Four when Malcolm shoots him in the hand. Four chases him and they wrestle. Adam stabs the General through the back. They stay at Ashwood Estates. Adam hacks a Mog ship. They see the security cameras and realize that it is Eight who is dead. They control the ship, and manage to communicate with the other Garde. Six, Marina, and Nine fly to Ashwood Estates. Nine starts teasing Four about sending his girlfriend on a "super-sexy" secret mission with her ex-boyfriend. Four is confused. The Chimærae start to howl, warning of the approach of the FBI. The Garde initially attack the FBI and they see Agent Walker. She has discovered that the Mogs really are evil. She tells them about a deal between the Mogs and Bud Sanderson, and how the Mogs planned to invade. Malcolm later finds footage of his memories being extracted. They find out about something called the Sanctuary, and that Lorien is not gone permanently. They decide to split up, Adam, Marina, and Six to go to Calakmul, Sam, Four, and Nine to go challenge the Mogs. Malcolm stays at Ashwood Estates. Six and Marina bring Eight's Chest as well as Marina's and items they think might be Phoenix Stones, the leaves from Four's Chest and the pouch of dirt from Nine's. They also bring Henri`s ashes, as well as Eight's body. Sam, Four, and Nine get to New York and Nine accidentally activates sonic gloves. They go to find Sanderson, along with Agent Walker. They find Bud Sanderson in terrible condition. He holds a gun to his head and pulls the trigger. Four stops it telekinetically. Four heals him. They take a video of Four using his Legacies and send it to the They Walk Among Us website and go to the site of the invasion. They meet Ella and Setrákus Ra. Nine smashes his cane and saves Ella's life. Five stopped Four from stabbing Setrákus Ra and killing Ella. Setrákus Ra drags Ella back onto his ship. Sam and Four fight a piken, and Sam brings it down with telekinesis.

The book starts with John and Sam leading a group of humans through what is left of New York with John exhausted, wiped out from healing so many people. Eventually John can't continue any longer; and collapses against a wall. Sam then uses his Telekenesis to prop John up. The human survivors then depart them, and John and Sam find a hotel room. John eventually falls asleep to be later woken up by Sam, who has seen Five and Number Nine fighting. They decide to go out and find the two when they get in fight with some Mogadorians. They then discover Daniela Morales, a human girl who also has Telekenesis.

John is hiding in Patience Creek, near Detroit. He has fallen into a state of melancholy. While he still worries about his friends, John is colder and ready to end the war. He cannot sleep, too worried about imagining Sarah's death. His hair grows out a bit as well. Sam and Dani are worried about him, and find it difficult to talk to John. He greets them when they come to his door, but is still invisible when he opens the door (he was practicing with Six's Legacy that he copied with his Ximic. Sam is getting migraines from the bunker's lighting, however is surprised when the light dims just moments after mentioning it. Nine is the only person who acts unfazed by the past few days. John and the others go up to the surface. Lexa, Six, and the others are returning. Before they get back, John vows that the Garde have stopped saying goodbye to their friends, and from now on, they will kill until they win.

John goes aboard the Terrax Cruiser to see Sarah's body. BK feels like he let John down because he could not protect Sarah. However, John reassures the Chimæra that it is not his fault, and that only John himself and Setrákus Ra are to blame. Mark asks John to bring Sarah back to life, however John replies that he is not a god. He and Mark argue for a moment, before John tells him that he does not care what Mark wants. Mark punches John, but he does not feel it. Eventually, Mark trips over his own feet. John asks if it made him feel any better, and then asks if he can take Sarah's body back to Paradise. Mark grouchily accepts.

Later, John and the Garde have a meeting with General Lawson, the man in charge of Patience Creek. Lexa gives him a Mogadorian cloaking device, the same technology she installs in her ship. They are in a room with armed men, and John begins to assess the chances of taking them in a fight. During the meeting, they discuss the situation of the Anubis and of New York. When they plan for the counterstrike, Lawson brings in Adam, who has been treated as a prisoner. John uses his Lumen to melt his chains, and tells Lawson that the Garde do not answer to him. When things calm down, John and Six plan to sneak onto a warship to steal their cloaking devices for the counterstrike.

As John plans what to do next, he frees Adam from his cuffs and asks what will happen once Ra dies. Adam explains that the loss of the Beloved Leader will result a catastrophic civil war, and he even has a Skimmer's communication system to see whether or not they have begun to kill each other. Agent Noto is helping them. They learn that a group of Human Garde teleported to Niagara Falls, and are trying to find John and the others. Six, Sam, Dani, and the Chimærae go with Lexa to Niagara Falls to save them. While they are gone, John and Nine go to talk to Five. John needs to learn to fly from him. During the lesson, Five seemingly attacks John. Before John proceeds to kill Five, he reveals that it was just a way to get him to fly. A newly awakened Marina sees this too, but attacks Five.

John convinces her that it was just a trick, and Five is going back to his cell now. He fills Marina in on everything that has happened, including Sarah's death. The two of them recollect on their dead loved ones. Later, he finally goes to speak to Lawson. The general is upset that the Garde left Patience Creek without his permission or acknowledgement. John says it will not happen again, and then begins to plan out how he will defeat Setrákus Ra. He later goes to Ximic Ella's Telepathy, and finds her on the surface drawing a map of the new Loralite Stones. He learns that Ella knew that Sarah would die. John becomes irate when he learns this, and unintentionally mimics it while having a telepathic argument with Ella.

Later that day, the Garde fly back to Niagara Falls with the aid of Canadian Special Ops. Their plan is to take the sonic-frequency cloaking devices from the Skimmers and give them to the governments currently waiting at the other Loralite Stone locations. Upon arrival, John reveals that they are not only raiding the Delta, which arrived the day before, but they are also going to commandeer it. John, Six, and Adam board the ship together, with John wearing a makeshift vest from one of their cloaking devices. They board through the cargo bay, with both John and Six invisible. John uses Five's wrist-blade to clear the room. While Six and Adam defend the cargo bay, John takes Dust and BK throughout the warship. The three Loric wreak havoc throughout the Delta.

During his massacre, John develops the Legacy of Glacen and Rapid Regeneration. He says to Six that everything has been "easier" since developing his Ximic. With most of the warship cleared, Adam and Six join John as they destroy the last remaining battalion of Vatborn Mogadorians by detonating a frozen fuel rod. With all of the damage done to the warship, Adam believes it will not be able to survive another interstellar travel. They attack the bridge, killing most of the Trueborn officers. They are confronted by the captain of the ship, but he is assassinated by his own navigator. As John proceeds to execute the navigator, Adam uses his Terric to knock John off his feet, telling him not to kill the Mog. The navigator is revealed to be Rexicus Saturnus, and he has decided to side with the Loric.

While John trusts Rex, Nine believes he is still dangerous. He talks to Ella for a moment and watches as she reactivates one of the Loralite Stones. Moments later, John leaves and goes flying off to the next battle, in hopes of finding and clearing another warship. While flying, he realizes he left a vest and goes back to Patience Creek to get one. He sees Mark James in the doorway, and realizes something is not right. Mark has black veins, indicating exposure to an Augment. Mark apologizes, claiming "they" made him do it. Before John can respond, Phiri Dun-Ra appears and stabs John with her Augmented tentacles of black ooze. She reveals that she has the ability to copy other Garde's Legacies by draining their Loric spirit. Phiri takes John and ties a Voron noose around his neck.

John notices while he walks through the halls of Patience Creek that there are more Augments. One of them, the Thin Mog, can control minds, including Mark's. The Shadow Mog is the one teleporting battalions of Vatborn throughout the area. The Piken-Mog is a hulking abomination that tears apart everything in its path. He uses his telepathy to warn Sam that the Mogs are coming. Phiri kills Mark in front of John, and she drains his Lumen, killing Bertrand and Fleur, two of the Human Garde that Six found, in the process.