"'The Legacies live. They will find each other. And when they're ready, they're going to destroy you.'" -Number Three, I Am Number Four

Number Three
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Basic Information
Human Name Hannu
Gender Male
Race Loric Garde
Age 14 at Death
Status Deceased
Cêpan Unknown

Number Three, also known as Hannu, was the third of the Nine Garde Children sent from Lorien. It is implied that Hannu lived in Africa for most of his time on Earth, and lived in a village a few miles away from Nairobi, Kenya. He was killed by the General of the Mogadorians.

Physical Appearance Edit

Hannu was fit, tall for his age. He was dark skinned, yet a few shades lighter than other villagers in the region, a smattering of sun-born freckles across his cheeks and nose Adamus Sutekh points out that he looked somewhat exotic, confirming he was not human.

Personality Edit

Number Three was said by Adamus Sutekh to appear very laid back and easy going, very friendly amongst the other African children, though not as defensive as he should be. He likes basketball. When Adam went to warn him that the Mogadorians were here on behalf of the dead Number One, he sees an obstacle course in his back yard.

Legacies Edit

Enhancement - All Garde possess enhance physical strength, speed, reflexes, endurance and hearing.

Super Agility - Possible because even the Piken could not catch up to him and he was said to have made impossible leaps and turns, but it is not proven. That could have just been because of his training.

Chest Edit

We have no knowledge of the contents inside Three's chest, however we do know that it is in the Mogadorian's possession.

I Am Number Four Edit

Number Three appears briefly in an prologue at the start of the novel. Number Three was sleeping in his hut with his Cepan, when a series of thunderous booms were heard by the pair. His Cepan was slain by a Mogadorian and Number Three fled through the jungle. He leapt across a gorge, thinking he had escaped the Mogadorians, only to have one meet him the other side and impale him with a sword. This triggered the burning of the third scar into all the remaining Garde's legs.

I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Fallen Legacies Edit

When AdamusIvanick and the other Mogadorians arrived in the area Three was hiding in Kenya, they are greeted by an oblivious Number Three. Adam notices that he is wearing high socks as he is playing basketball and tries to warn him that the Mogadorians are here. During Adam and One's attempt to save Number Three, Adam fights Ivan and is later forced to watch as Three jumps the ravine and is caught and killed by Adam's father General Andrakkus Sutekh.

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