"He wore a brown suit, late thirties or early forties, shorter than average,medium build, reddish-brown hair and beard, green eyes. He mat her gaze head-on and, she could tell, was performing his own assessment of her." -Number SixOut of The Ashes

Appearance & CharacterEdit

Peter McKenna is a mid-aged human in command of a special task force sanctioned by several UN countries interested in maintaining an ongoing surveillance of Human Garde activities. He is described to be intelligent man, and has a son named Seamus who ran away from him when he thought he would be sent to the HGA.


McKenna was happily married and had a son and a daughter. He was apparently close friends with the president. His wife died during the Mogadorian invasion of Earth. Afterward, McKenna became involved in an agency that assists Earth Garde, and was far more passionate in this after his son Seamus became a Garde and ran away before he could be sent to the Academy.