Piken were giant, carnivorous Vatborn war beasts created by the Mogadorians. They were released on Lorien during the First Great Expansion, and also later in the war against the Garde. As of United As One, it is presumed that the Piken have all died out.

Appearance & Traits Edit

Piken, like all Vatborn, were not clones, and were bred of different shapes and sizes. The most common appearance of the Piken is a massive, forty-foot tall monster with gray skin, massive jaws with huge teeth that could barely be contained within their mouths, and body thick with muscle. However, the Piken have also been described to have sickly green skin as well. There appear to be bipedal and quadrupedal Piken, depending on how they are bred. During the battle near the lake in The Power of Six, Marina described them as resembling giant bulls, with hooves and horns.

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