Ran is a member of the LANEs. She first appeared in Nigel's video with Fleur and Bertrand at Niagara falls. She stares into the camera before showing a halfhearted peace sign.

Ran helped Fleur, Nigel, and Bertrand take down the Mog ships sent to capture them and is charging stones when Nigel stops her from attacking Lexa.

Six and Ella both notice that Ran seems stronger and more resilient than the others. Ella accidentally perceives that she's already endured loss and pain, and that she's a fighter.

When Nine starts to train them, he points a gun at Ran. Ran telekinetically yanks it out of his hand, impressing him.

When Phiri Dun-Ra attacks the base, Ran tears the blasters away from the Mogs and blows a hallway up with projectiles. After Fleur and Bertrand are killed, Ran drags Nigel away and runs.


Ran is mentioned to be a small Japanese girl, speaking little to no English, but seems to understand some of what is said. She is also described to have the look of a fighter, which may shed some light into her background.


  • Telekinesis- Like all Garde, Ran can move objects with her mind.
  • Explosion Charging- Ran can charge anything that she touches with a red energy essentially turning it into a grenade.

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