"'However, the chairs of Setrákus Ra and our leader, Pittacus Lore, must not sit empty. We move forward, as we Loric always do, and recognize that we did not only suffer losses on Mogadore. We also made heroes.'" -Loridas, The Fate of Ten
Setrákus Ra was one of the ten titles for the Loric Elders. But after the last Setrákus Ra began to corrupt Lorien and give Cêpans artificial Legacies known as "Augmentations," the title of Setrákus Ra was removed from the Elders and erased from history. Since then, there have only been nine.

List of Garde to be Setrákus Ra Edit

  • First Setrákus Ra - The first Setrákus Ra was one of the ten First Elders that awakened the magic of Lorien and discovered the Phoenix Stones.
  • Zaniff or Banshevus - In The Fate of Ten, it states that the previous Garde before the last Setrákus Ra and Pittacus Lore were originally named Zaniff and Banshevus. But it is unknown which of the two took on which roles.
  • Setrákus Ra - The last Setrákus Ra, who experimented on Cêpans and other non-Garde, giving them artificial Legacies. However, he was secretly banished, and went on to conquer the Planet Mogadore.
  • (Possibly) Ella - Despite the title having been revoked, Ella may be the next Setrákus Ra. She is the great granddaughter of the last Setrákus Ra and has developed his Legacy of Dreynen, allowing her to momentarily drain Legacies from a Garde. However, the Elders have never been chosen by ancestry or heredity.