Shadow is Katarina's combat strategy game.thumb|link=File:Mog_sticks_out_tongue.png


Adam- (loric fan) Temporarily Vacant

Reincarnated One- AckermanTheGod

Reincarnated Two- Vacant

Rein​carnated Three- Robyn3Lewis

Four- (I am Number Four) or Lorien4ever

Five Ryanjreynolds Temporarily Vacant

Six- AusGirl

Seven- Maralina Young 

Reincarnated Eight-  -8 Temporarily Vacant

Nine- Auramaster07

Ten- Vacant

Eleven- lon242

Twelve- Ravi

Sam- Sword2Spear

Sarah- Vacant

If you want to join then please talk to any of the people on the list, most likely it wil be Maralina, Auramaster or me because we are on  here the most. We are usually on here or on The Revenge of Seven.