The Foundation for a Better World is a mysterious private company that recruits Human Garde whose powers can have a positive impact on society. Because they disagree with the ideals of Earth Garde, the Foundation succeeds in "recruiting" Human Garde by kidnapping them from Earth Garde Peacekeeping missions around the world. Sometimes this is taken under unnecessarily excessive force and torture of innocents.

History Edit

Some time after Victory Humanity Day, the Foundation began to form when they decided that some of the Human Garde had Legacies that were beneficial—such as Recupero—while others had more malevolent primary powers—like Fortem, Lumen, and Glacen. Because of the current political state, they could not recruit Garde by finding them peacefully. Therefore, they were forced to hunt them down and kidnap them. They primarily turned their eyes to Healers, Loralite Creators, and other Garde whose powers they found useful.

Generation One Edit

While it is not seen in the book, the Foundation had recruited a Chinese healer named Jiao Lin, who willingly went with them. In Arnhem Land, Australia, the Foundation sent in their Garde ally Einar in with Blackstone mercenaries to kidnap an aboriginal healer named Bunji, killing his tribe in cold blood and torturing him to an atrocious extent. Not long after, Blackstone kidnapped Peacekeepers Vincent Iabruzzi and possibly also Melanie Jackson. Vincent was taken in by the Foundation, presumably beaten, and it is unknown what was made of Jackson. She may have been left behind, tortured, or even killed.

Einar and Rabiya then allied briefly with religious fanatics known as Harvesters, who were supplied with an anti-Garde arsenal by the Sydal Corp, a mysterious company that manufactures weapons strong enough to best Legacies. They were based not far from the Human Garde Academy when they spotted a group of six Garde leaving. Einar decided to capture the healer among them, Taylor Cook, and left the rest to fight off the Harvesters. Near the end of the novel, when Earth Garde manages to save the group and Cook, Professor Nine decided to send Taylor back so she could be Earth Garde's spy, as Nine believed they had moles within the Academy.

"Recruits" Edit