"'I want you to know, after that, I'm going to track down every copy of your stupid fucking book and burn it.'" -Number Six, United as One
The Great Book of Mogadorian Progress is the book of Mogadorian wisdom and ethics that all of the Mogs must learn and live by. It contains historical battles, proverbs, and laws written by the Beloved Leader, Setrákus Ra. There are only a handful of copies remaining, as the last of the Mogadorians have begun burning them.

Appearance Edit

The Great Book Fanart

Concept art of The Great Book

The Book is described being dictionary-sized, "with an oily, snaky-skin cover. The ink on the cover looks singed, the words indented and rough around the edges, as if it were printed with acid for ink."

On Ella's copy of the Book, the writing is in English and Mogadorian. Each page is split in half, one side written in English and the other in Mogadorian.

Quotes Edit

All contents of the Book are unknown, but Mogadorian characters are known to quote it throughout the series. The Book reveals that the Mogadorians believe of Setrákus Ra as a religious figure, and how he allegedly saved the species from extinction by creating Vatborn Mogadorians and creatures. These quotes include:

"We do not begrudge the beast for hunting. It is in the beast's nature to hunt, just as it is in the Mogadorian's nature to expand. Those that would resist the expansion of the Mogadorian Empire, therefore, stand in opposition to nature itself." -The Fallen Legacies, Chapter One, Adamus Sutekh to Ivanick Shu-Ra

"To interact directly could compromise operational integrity," -The Fallen Legacies, Chapter Seven, Adam to Number One

"Strength is sacred," -The Forgotten Ones, Chapter Two, Adam to Rexicus Saturnus

"Conquer, consume, cauterize." -The Forgotten Ones, Chapter Eight, Rex to Adam

"One takes no satisfaction from that which one cannot hold," -The Revenge of Seven, Chapter Seven, Adam to John Smith and Sam Goode

"There is no greater achievement for a species than the shouldering of one's own genetic destiny. It is for that reason that the Mogadorian race must be considered the most elevated of all life throughout the universe." -The Revenge of Seven, Chapter Ten, Ella

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