Name: John Smith

Age: 14

Skin: Light Brown

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Home: Lorien

Number 4

Traits: Smart, Confident, Focused, Kind, and Determined

About me: My name is John Smith, I prefer to be called 4. 4 as of the 9 sent to Earth from our home planet Lorien. A member of the Loric race. A member of the Garde. Yes, I have legacies, but I am extremely powerful even without them. My Cepan, Henri (you should know by now) died to protect me but he taught me everything I need to know. I am on the run with the remaining Loric that haven't died or betrayed us like 5, who betrayed us and caused another one of us to be killed.

Chest Items: Shield Bracelet, Dagger, Leaves, and Solar System Balls

Chimaera: Bernie Kosar (Lorien name is Hadley)

Quote: "My determination is why I am stronger than you."

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