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    Eight's Age

    March 5, 2016 by AckermanTheGod

    Okay, so before I get in trouble with somebody about Eight's age, I just wanted to make this blog to signify that I am possibly correct. I don't know where Eight's age came into play, as it was never mentioned in the books. I checked the companion story, "Eight's Origin," but didn't find anything—did he even remember how old he was in that story?—so there's no telling how old he really is.

    I think people started thinking that Eight was 17 years old to place him around the same age as Marina. But if you remember, he said in The Rise of Nine that Reynolds met his lover, Lola, 8 years ago before that current day. He also said that by the time Reynolds told her who they were (let's say that Reynolds was with Lola for two months before telling h…

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  • AckermanTheGod


    February 23, 2016 by AckermanTheGod

    I write stuff.

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  • AckermanTheGod

    So, I've been doing a lot of thinking about what Celwe said to Pittacus in The Fate of Ten:

    "'I know I am old to be a mother,' Celwe replies, a distant look in her eyes. 'Fertility is Setrákus Ra's specialty now. Fertility and genetics, to help uplift the Mogadorians. They call him the Beloved Leader.' She scoffs at this, shaking her head. 'Yet he wouldn't see his only child raised among them. So here we are.'"

    It made me think of Ivan, Adam's old friend from The Fallen Legacies. Apparently, his family claimed a distant relation to Setrákus Ra, hence his hyphenated surname "Shu-Ra." He even shares similar appearance to how Setrákus looked as a teenager in The Fallen Legacies. They were both tall for their age, with close-cropped black hair. …

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