Name: Adam (my pseudonym is Bryan Roosevelt. My last name is not Roosevelt nor Ackerman.)

Origin: Atlanta, Georgia. I lived in Stone Mountain for some time until an earthquake when I was 3 years old. Then I spent 8 years in Lithonia before we moved.

Birthday: January 20, 2001

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Astrology Sign (Human & Loric): Aquarius & Tavan

Appearance: I'm 5'8", with short cropped dark hair (from what I've been told it's "wavy"), and dark brown eyes. I'm your averagely built teenager, and have lightly tanned skin.

Status: Alive...of course. Or I probably wouldn't be able to write this.

Siblings: I am the youngest out of 3 older brothers and my older sister.

Background: I was read to a lot when I was younger, and had an obsession with dinosaurs until I turned 10. From kindergarten to fourth grade I was homeschooled before going to elementary school. It was HELL. But I made it through. When I was 10, I started reading Lorien Legacies. After some family drama when I was 13, I decided to take up writing to get over the bullcrap I was going through. I wrote my first fanfiction on, under the pen name of WarlordMan162. It was called The Quest of One. I'm not finished yet. Currently I am a freshman in high school, and I'm doing pretty well. I'm trying to get a book I'm writing published next year.

Language: I was born in the US, so I speak English. I'm learning Latin for my language course. I currently have a 99 in that class.

Friends: Various people I met at film camp.

Enemies: various people from my school.

Dream: to become a famous writer.

Best Quality: I'm an independent and hard worker.

Worst Quality: I can be stubborn and very emotional.

Weakness: It's not exactly a weakness, but people don't really like this about me: I'm a hermit and don't have the best social skills.

Fear: Spiders

Abilities: Precognition, Singing (kind of), very high metabolism.

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