Name: Alice

Age: 12

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Grey-Blue

Home: Lorien

Earth Home: Australia

School: Psh school, what school?

Characteristics/traits: Brave, quick, sassy, a bit violent, clever, persistent, self-guarded, good-fighter, a marshmallow (veronica mars reference), advanced, strong, smart, daring, cautious and nice (kind of)

Interests: Swimming, music, fighting, loric history, legacies, hand to hand combat, human nature and weapons

Weapons: Axe, knife, bow and arrows, legacies and really anything I can get my hands on.

Pet: Chimaera, main form-Bombay cat, name-Blackstar, gender-female

Me: My name is Alice, i wont tell you my full name for my own sake. I prefer to go by Six. I'm loric and I'm a garde. I have legacies but i have always been strong. Unfortunately not strong enough to protect my cêpan, may she rest in peace. I know who I am and what I’m meant to do, we were on the run but now we are ready to fight.

Quote: "I'm a soldier now, a warrior, I am someone to fear not hunt."

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