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    So, there will be a new Lost File released after The Fugitive, called The Navigator. While it is fairly obvious that the Fugitive refers to Mark James, the Navigator is a bit more vague. Especially because we know absolutely nothing about it. The Navigator may be narrated by whoever this Navigator is. Or someone interacting with the Navigator. I think that it is more likely for the story to be narrated by someone we have met before, whether or not that refers to the Navigator. With Mark meeting up with GUARD in The Fugitive, and GUARD apparently being someone really important, I could see The Navigator being narrated by Mark, with GUARD being the Navigator. If anyone else has theories, please post.

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    Unanswered Questions

    September 5, 2014 by Half Centaur

    All this was posted probably a year ago, so I am updating questions that were answered.

    Need I post a spoiler warning?

    Answered. Number Four.

    Answered. I'm too lazy to type it all out. Especially because I will be typing out the whole book soon.

    He has a pipe, a leather sleeve, but there should theoretically be more items.

    Ximic and whatever.

    The second option, apparently.

    A few hundred will have Legacies.

    GUARD is a Loric character called Lexa, the pilot of a ship.

    One was Lexa and one died.

    Apparently so, eventually.

    Well, Sam will get more. We still don't know about Adam, but I'd think so.

    Ah yeah. That.

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    So. I am basically creating a new blog post. And I decided to make it about why I like The Revenge of Seven. I know a lot of people disagree with me. But I just want to make a case for it. Need I post a spoiler warning?

    • Adam- Hiis character development  was great, with him killing his father and going to the Loric Temple.
    • Ella- She was awesome in this book. Her decisions, her telling the other Garde to kill Setrákus Ra no matter what happened, her realizing that only she can kill him. I loved it.
    • Sam- Funny, but had character development. 
    • Six- I liked her POV better than I expected. And her character did change, with Sam and the Loric Spirit. 
    • Malcolm- He shot the General, helping the Garde. And great character develpoment with the memories he r…
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    Half Centaur

    August 10, 2014 by Half Centaur

    And now, I am going to use this as a sandbox, to test editing methods. So there is going to be a bunch of random stuff on here. Beware! It may resemble the content of some pages, but I am merely using the content to test. This is my text sample. Whatever I am currently attempting to do, please work.

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