So. Everyone is talking about all the unanswered questions and plot holes.  And we really don`t want to forget all of them before the last book comes out. So I have been asked to document all of the unanswered questions. And, because I am at least part human and I forget things, if I forgot something please let me know. Thank you to TheWatchers for adding questoins and Ky50 for suggesting this page.

All this was posted probably a year ago, so I am updating questions that were answered.

Need I post a spoiler warning?

So, without any more delay, the UNANSWERED QUESTIONS

1. Who is the new Pittacus Lore?

Answered. Number Four.

2. Who was the skeleton in Malcolm`s well?

3. What exactly happened to the tenth Elder?

Answered. I'm too lazy to type it all out. Especially because I will be typing out the whole book soon.

4. What is the extent of John`s Lumen?

5. What does Five have in his Chest? 

He has a pipe, a leather sleeve, but there should theoretically be more items.

6. Where is Pittacus Lore and what is he capable of?

Ximic and whatever.

7. Is Lorien going to come back or is Earth going to turn into Lorien or what?

The second option, apparently.

8. How powerful are the humans going to become? 

A few hundred will have Legacies.

9. How did Setrákus Ra know about Ella`s ecsape and relation to him?

10. Who is GUARD?

GUARD is a Loric character called Lexa, the pilot of a ship.

11. What happened to the pilots of the ships?

One was Lexa and one died.

12. Who is Devdan?

13. What are the Master Legacies?

14. Five! Is he going to be on the Gardes` side, and will they acccept him?

Apparently so, eventually.

15. What are the extent of Sam`s and Adam`s powers? Will they be given more, and are they going to last?

Well, Sam will get more. We still don't know about Adam, but I'd think so.

16. Ella`s parents! Did Ra allow them to be killed?

17. Setrákus Ra! What is his connection to Pittacus, and what happened with the scar on his neck?

Ah yeah. That.

18. Adam! Is he going to see One again? Will he die? What will happen to him in the end?

19. Six`s Chest! What does it have in it? What happened to it?

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