So. I am basically creating a new blog post. And I decided to make it about why I like The Revenge of Seven. I know a lot of people disagree with me. But I just want to make a case for it. Need I post a spoiler warning?

  • Adam- Hiis character development  was great, with him killing his father and going to the Loric Temple.
  • Ella- She was awesome in this book. Her decisions, her telling the other Garde to kill Setrákus Ra no matter what happened, her realizing that only she can kill him. I loved it.
  • Sam- Funny, but had character development. 
  • Six- I liked her POV better than I expected. And her character did change, with Sam and the Loric Spirit. 
  • Malcolm- He shot the General, helping the Garde. And great character develpoment with the memories he reclaimed. 
  • Setrákus Ra- We learned much more about him. About his past and his personality. He is not that "apparently invincible Mog leader" anymore. He is Loric. And he has a weakness with Ella`s Dreynen. 

And I know people disagree. But please don`t post anything on here that just talks about how much you hate it. I am only interested in logical reasons for hating it. 

Thanks, Half Centaur

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