• Hezekiah 09
    Hello! I'm kinda wondering about the Phoenix Stones. If they're the key to restoring Lorien, how about One's, Two's and Three's Phoenix Stones? So Lorien wouldn't be complete anymore? And I'm wondering about the stone carvings in the cave in India. The last panel. Is it possible that the round drawing is Lorien and not Earth? I mean, almost half of them are dead (One, Two, Three and Eight), maybe that's the drawing means. That Lorien will be restored, but only half of it will be left due to the deaths of the Garde.
    And about Ella, in the Fall Of Five, Crayton said that she wasn't picked by the Elders. But there were Ten Chosen Garde!!! How is it possible? Is there a third ship? Why can't they detect the "real" tenth? Thanks In Advance if so…
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