I know we have our pages for this, but ive never made a blog post before and i thought it would be fun. And dont worry i will be stating my ideas and ideas on all things Lorien related!

  • Ok I am pretty young ( nothing more to say about that)
  • I am a HUGE fan of Lorien Legacies!
  • I am a GIRL, not a guy, for some reason everyone thinks that i am a guy.
  • Ive been on this wiki and I am number Four wiki for over a year, but just decided to make a account.
  • My ships in Lorien Legacies. I really like Six and Sam as a couple, there just so cute together!!!! <3
  • I also think John and Sarah are good for each other.
  • I liked Eight and Marina- But since that dream was crushed -_-
  • I like Nine and Marina, or Nine and Ella.
  • I also like Ella and Five, hey there engadged remember, well till Ra threw Five off the ship, but hey that was a thing in the past.
  • The ships i HATE!
  • Nine and Six, I mean Six repeated said in her POV that Nine is annoying and that she sees him as a brother.
  • Six and John, yeah they had a fling so what, Johns with Sarah and Six is with Sam, Sorry Six and John are over!
  • Marnia and Five, i think if they were to get together they wuld hold a grudges and fight all the time.
  • My ideas
  • GUARD- Is Loric
  • Pittiacus is Ella, John or Sam
  • Sam is going to delovop more Legacies
  • Six is going to get another awesome legacy, like Energy Blasts
  • Adam is going to see one again
  • I have a lot of ideas but this is one of my biggest ideas, get ready.... ELLA IS GOING TO KICK RAS BUTT AND THE GUARD ARE GOING TO HELP!!!!

I would like to hear your ideas?

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