I currently live in Washington State not to be confused with Washington D.C.

My other account has this avatar.

I go to Middle School.

Im in 8th grade

I'm 13

IQ: 146 (Apparently)

Type of Dictator: Benito Mussolini

Type of mind: Creative

Type of pokemon: Noctowl (Not my idea)

Personality: ENFP. Assertive Diplomat.     22% Extraverted 30% Initiative 7% Feeling 36% Prospecting 2% Assertive (these were results from a quiz.)

Hidden Power: Force Shield

Kind of Dreamer: Scary dreamer (and scary meaning daredevilish)

Maturity: 43% mature 57% immature

Disorders: None

Sea Animal Personality Quiz: California Sea lion. "im a social person who enjoys the company of others. im often the first person friends go to for advice and info. Im very smart and sometimes brag but I never mean it."

What my eye color means: Brown. Im very wise and often get to my wild side. (very true)

(i'll edit some more. if you guys want to know more about me ask on this blog post and i will add it on here. Thanks!)

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