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    Garde Dream Cast :3

    February 28, 2017 by Rockstar556

    Hello!!! I am kind of new to this whole wiki with an account thing, so please neglect any mistakes I may have. I also hope to be some sort helpful (even though I am not as much as a geek as some other people may be.) Anyway, here is my dream cast and my most and least favorite shippings. Also, please leave me a note (respectfully, of course) if you have any disagreements with my dream cast.

    Dream Cast (Garde Four-Nine Only)

    John (Four) - Alex Pettyfer

    Five - Either Logan Lerman or Josh Hutcherson

    Six - I'm not really sure (is that ok to say?), probably Jennifer Lawrence (I never said that Teresa Palmer DIDN'T do a good job)

    Marina (Seven) - Lucy Hale

    Eight - Avan Jogia

    Nine - Tyler Blackburn


    My OTP ship is Sax (yes, that is literally it and i…

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