Hello!!! I am kind of new to this whole wiki with an account thing, so please neglect any mistakes I may have. I also hope to be some sort helpful (even though I am not as much as a geek as some other people may be.) Anyway, here is my dream cast and my most and least favorite shippings. Also, please leave me a note (respectfully, of course) if you have any disagreements with my dream cast.

Dream Cast (Garde Four-Nine Only)

John (Four) - Alex Pettyfer

Five - Either Logan Lerman or Josh Hutcherson

Six - I'm not really sure (is that ok to say?), probably Jennifer Lawrence (I never said that Teresa Palmer DIDN'T do a good job)

Marina (Seven) - Lucy Hale

Eight - Avan Jogia

Nine - Tyler Blackburn


My OTP ship is Sax (yes, that is literally it and it is Sam and Six). They are my absolute favorite, along with Navrina (it will always live on in our hearts). I also like the John and Sarah shipping (I don't know why people don't like Sarah). On the other hand, I am not a big fan of some of the other ships, like Nix (Nine and Six) and Stohn (Stanley and John, but I also like other ships, like John and Six (poor Sam). Even though Six and Marina are LGBT, I am also liking Six and Marina just because of their close bond.

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