Who is Number Five?

First clue: Blonde girl as seen by Adamus in One's past.

Second clue: Pittacus claimed to have found her. Four claimed he is Pittacus.

Third clue: Clayton claimed that one of the released news about the possible Garde was made up. The boy from India was true so the girl from Argentina could partly be false.

Fourth clue: Sam's dad has a knowledge of the Loric presence on Earth. He lived in Paradise so clearly he met a garde and her cepan in Paradise.

Who is Number Five?

SARAH HART!!! She is blonde like the girl in One's past and as tall as the other female gardes like Six and Seven. Four was drawn to her because they have a Loric connection. She stayed in Paradise as her cepan stripped Five of her Loric legacies and memories. Her cepan travelled to South America pretending to be Five to distract the Mogs and wearing Five's amulet and pendant which most possibly be the tracking device connected with the tablet that showed her location. Without the amulet Five will appear as a normal human and saved from the scars left from the other Gardes' demise. She was last seen flying back North through a plane realizing that Five was already captured. Five or her cepan may have killed Sam's dad since he is about to expose their secret and for stealing the tablet and the other stones from Five's chest. Sam's dad leaked the news of the coming aliens. Most likely Five may have been the one who killed Sam's dad or witnessed her cepan killing Sam's dad. This made it more convenient for her cepan to strip Five of her Loric past and memories. Five was captured atop a tree. Soon Sam will know the truth about Sarah and exact vengeance. Four will be stuck in the middle of two fighting forces very much close to him...his best friend versus his girlfriend. I am Xian, the chronicler of Loric history. :)

From Sarah's Journal:

"Mom bought me this journal after I got home from Colorado. A place of my own to work out my thoughts, she explained. I think I got her all worried, breaking up with Mark and quitting cheerleading. And I have been acting a little antsy. I guess I just had this silly notion that things would be different now, since I was different."

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