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    This one is pretty straightforward. Does anyone know good Lorien Legacies fanfiction? The good ones i have read are The Return of Lorien and The Occupation. If anyone knows some good stories, preferably some long ones, please tell me here, or on Fanfiction. My name is DarkAnubis27.



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  • TheDeltoranDemigod


    January 1, 2015 by TheDeltoranDemigod

    Hello people, again.

    OMG! I got the Revenge of Seven for Christmas, and i finished it in a day. I NEED THE NEXT BOOK! Half the time i was reading it i was gasping out loud, or laughing or crying. It was incredible!

    If there is anyone out there who after reading this, doesn't like Adam, you must have a serious mental disorder. ALL HAIL THE KING OF SASS! I loved his hair flip :)

    And all the **** that went down at the Sanctuary? Awesome! I was cheering out loud when Marina and Six took over that mounted gun. 

    I can't wait for the next book, HURRY UP PITTACUS LORE!

    Until next time,


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  • TheDeltoranDemigod

    Hello, everyone!

    So far my days of December have been spent dreaming about the Revenge of Seven, yeah, i still haven't read it!

    I also can't help but imagine what will be in the last book. Hopefully a massive but good plot twist. I hope Five redeems himself and turns good again.

    PLEASE! No-one spoil the revenge of seven for me, i have stayed away from Wikipedia for this long, i will not have it spoiled just a few weeks before Christmas!

    Anyway, I hope everyone has a good holiday,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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