I've been thinking and come up with the conclusion that Setrakus can possibly be Loric and here's why:

1. Only Loric can wear the pendants right? So how the heck is he wearing three?

2. Why is he the only "Mog" with legacies?  Don't count Adam considering his is an exception.

3. The feud between the Loric and the Mogadorians. Six did say something happened. Maybe long ago Setrakus was one of the 10 original eledars. The whole thing with changing the planet to keep it from dying he didn't agree with so he left. He went to Earth maybe where the real Setrakus was and killed him. Then shifted into the setrakus and leaving his pendant on the skeleton to not give away that he's Loric? He goes back to Mogadore impersonating the real Setrakus and since he didn't agree before with the saving the planet that's why Mogadore is a wreck itself?

4. He has scars even one like Six.

Any ideas on this?

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